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02.03.2024 - 02.03.2024

Ársþing HRÍ 2024

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09.03.2024 - 09.03.2024

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Sports in Iceland and Covid-19


The Directorate of Health, the Chief Epidemiologist and the Civil Protection Department has stated to ÍSÍ that due to difficulty organizing work in preschools and elementary schools, in accordance with the rules currently in force regarding a four week ban on public events taking effect 16th of March, that guidelines for youth participation in sports have not been completed. Thus, there will be disruption in sports activities over the next few days until sports clubs, the school community and municipalities have come up with solutions that will apply for the next four weeks.

In order to properly implement the restrictions that are currently in force, it is advisable to assume that sports activities for this age group will not start until Monday 23rd of March. ÍSÍ recommends that these recommendations be complied with.

Regarding the sporting activities of adults ÍSÍ recommends that the instructions given by the Minister of Health is followed. The restrictions are that there are no more than 100 people gathered in the same space, whether indoors or outdoors and to respect to have at least 2 meters in between persons. It is also necessary to take steps to clean or disinfect equipment or exercise areas daily and ensure access to sanitary facilities for hand washing and disinfection. It is clear that these conditions may exclude practice of numerous sports. The sports clubs, individually, must therefore, communicate with their members what sporting activities they consider to be able to fulfill the conditions given by the respective authorities. It should be reiterated that no discount should be given to the requirements set by the authorities to counteract the spread of this virus.

We are living an unprecedented time now, and it is important for everyone to work together to make it as bearable as possible. By solidarity and by the fact that everyone adheres to the rules that The Directorate of Health, the Chief Epidemiologist and the Civil Protection Department have issued, we can assume that we should be able to get through this time as successfully as possible.

ÍSÍ is in constant contact with the authorities and will share information with the sports movement as they arrive. in english

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